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Alastair is a brilliant counsellor. His approach is sympathetic but pragmatic and professional, which makes problems seem like things that can and will be overcome. He helped me work through a difficult period when I was struggling, and was crucial in getting me through it. I initially had in-person sessions, and then when I moved away I had a number of remote sessions - he was really flexible about this. His tools and advice stay with me to this day.


Anonymous, Student

Alastair’s counselling is top notch. I work in a professional services business, which comes with a large amount of anxiety and pressure. Alastair’s practical, compassionate, and thoughtful service helped me deal with years of built up trauma. While each appointment was excellent, the long lasting effects of coping mechanisms that Alastair helped me develop have changed my life for the better. I would recommend Kingdom Counselling any day.


Jamie, Trainee

I first visited Ally when I was stressed and anxious at work. During a series of six weekly sessions he listened carefully, encouraged me to see things from a different perspective and to develop a strategy for when I felt overwhelmed. In 2020 he helped me cope with bereavement during lockdown, I valued our phone conversations very much at a time when I couldn’t be with friends and family for support. He has helped me make positive improvements in my life and got me over that difficult first hurdle of actually asking for help.


Jan, age 66

Throughout my counselling sessions, Ally listened with an attentive, kind, and non-judgemental ear. He made me feel completely at ease to share my difficulties and his questions and suggestions showed he had a deep understanding of my experiences. I have greatly benefitted from Ally’s unconditional acceptance and support which significantly strengthened my ability to self-heal.


Emily, age 27, Teacher

I’d been dealing with anxiety and depression for a while and had seen Ally...He was the first counsellor I actually felt comfortable talking to and I was never nervous to tell him anything. Every step of my treatment was explained to me properly and my progress was well-charted. I’d 100% recommend Kingdom Counselling to anyone who feels like they’re struggling. Ally does fantastic work.


Rebecca, age 23


In each session, Ally was considerate, caring and completely understanding. I felt comfortable speaking through my problems and he was always reassuring. Whenever I was upset, Ally was comforting and non-judgemental. I simply cannot put into words how much he has helped me.

Anonymous, age 19, Student.

After my first few sessions, I was almost immediately feeling more confident.  Although it was the things I was doing in day to day life that were changing the way I felt, the advice and information I was given from Alastair most definitely set me on the path to the confidence I have gained. 

By the end of my time with Alastair I am now a completely different person to what I was this time last year. I feel like nothing can phase me and I can do anything I put my mind to...I would like to say a massive thank you to Alastair and I would definitely recommend Kingdom Counselling to anyone who feels they need help.


Grant, 23, Fife.


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