Meet Alastair


Hello, I'm Alastair (or Ally for short) and I am a trained and accredited counsellor working in Dundee and St Andrews.  Please explore this site to find out more about the counselling I can provide you.  Perhaps we can meet for a consultation.



Counselling is a space for you to address  problems in your life.  I hope we can work together to help you find solutions and make positive changes.






Kingdom Counselling - take some time for you

"Throughout my counselling sessions, Ally listened with an attentive, kind, and non-judgemental ear. He made me feel completely at ease to share my difficulties and his questions and suggestions showed he had a deep understanding of my experiences. I have greatly benefitted from Ally’s unconditional acceptance and support which significantly strengthened my ability to self-heal."

Emily, 27, Teacher

What is Offered


We can meet regularly to work on the tasks and methods that will allow you to reach your goals.  An initial consultation is £20, sessions after that are £35.  Please enquire about alternative arrangements if you are a student or on a lower income.